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IWM Duxford

To use this service you will need a credit or debit card. To book, select the tickets you wish to order. You can add tickets for other events later in your order.

Once your booking is complete you will receive an email confirming the details.

Events and Air Shows
Tickets for events and air shows including hospitality passes are delivered by post. To ensure these tickets arrive in time, cut-off dates are applicable.

General Admission, Pre-booked Tours and Lectures
Your email confirmation is your ticket. Please bring this with you on the day of your visit(s).

Please check our FAQs for more details.

General Admission

You can buy tickets in advance for a visit to IWM Duxford on non Air Show and non Special Event days. Note that separate charges apply for Air Show and Special Event days.

Annual Pass
Our Annual Pass lets you visit as many times as you like over the next 12 months, excluding air shows and events.